We are a specialist company, manufacturing high quality upholstered furniture. We
have, over a period of some 40 years developed our own methods of construction,
being a combination of traditional hand working, and modern techniques,
providing the finest quality sofas, competing with the best in the world.

Our solid wood frame construction will provide seating for life.
Our traditional methods and foam laminates will provide comfort for life

We offer a choice of fabrics from all the local suppliers, as well as from the top ranges
in Europe and the States - Sacho Hesslein, Designers Guild, Monkwell, Cortisane etc

Our prices are competitive and in line with other manufacturers in South Africa.

We are able to alter / modify our sofas and corner units to suit our client's
requirements, and can offer "fold out beds" in most of our designs.


If you have any specific queries, or need advise,
phone Anthony on 082-449 9234